Paradise provides the most comprehensive selection of outdoor lighting products of architectural quality. Inspired by current design trends, these items provide both form and function to beautify any size outdoor living space. In this section, you can search for Paradise products by how they are powered.


A complete range of accessories for low voltage and solar landscape lighting systems.

LED Lighting

High powered LED outdoor lighting fixtures and LED light bulbs provide considerable energy savings and produce a warm white light similar to incandescent and halogen lights. LED lighting also provides consistent light quality over the life of the fixture or bulb.

Power Pack

A comprehensive lineup of power packs with different load requirements to satisfy any size landscape lighting project. Made of durable construction, each power pack provides safe 12 volt power to landscape lights.

Solar High Power

High powered solar lights featuring MaxBright™ technology provide increased lumen output and cover a larger surface area on the ground. These fixtures are also much brighter in appearance therefore providing the nice lighting effect landscaping enthusiasts desire.

Outdoor Décor

In our travels abroad we have discovered truly remarkable unique pieces and we bring these latest trends and product opportunities to you. Outdoor living fixture designs are inspired to integrate the aesthetics of architecture and natural surroundings.

Line Voltage

Outdoor home lighting fixtures that accentuate the aesthetic appeal of homes while providing ample light for safety at night. From the front of the home to the backyard, our 120V products including family concepts ensure design fit and finishes for all homes.